Ride Long

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  • Caption: Today's Daily Shoot is "Make a photo that represents something you aspire to do or be one day."

    I did some pretty extensive road biking when I moved to Arizona, from 1987-1994 or so. I recall hopping on and going out a few hours for 50 miles, and doing a few years of the MS 150 Ride to Parker Dam.

    I rode a while for my bike commute to Maricopa, but gave up the road bike after two close calls in a week, switching to the mountain bike.

    And then in the last 10 years, i pretty much stopped riding.

    Last winter, I bought this sweet, paper weight Trek Madrone from a friend, shelpped it around in my truck during last year's road trip, but did not do any significant rides.

    I aspire to get into bike shape, and eventually do some long distance road touring, something I dreamed of for so long I cannot remember
  • When: Feb 09, 2012 04:57:44 pm
  • Camera: iPhone 4S
  • Focal Length: 4.28mm
  • ISO: 80
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