Photographer's Self Portrait

This should be the place I make some artistic high falutin’ philosophizing statement on how I see life through a camera, blah blah blah.

I like taking photos. I like editing them on my computer. I like sharing them in flickr.

These are my favorites.

I also like tinkering in WordPress.

I built first built this site based on the Graph Paper Press Fullscreen theme with my own customizations to automatically import photo metadata in the posts and some other wizardry to randomize the front page photo selection.

In April 2016 I tinkered again with my them built on the Graph Paper Press Lookbook theme – it allows you (for who knows why) to save a set of photos by clicking the “save” button into something like a shopping cart, and then save it as a PDF. I also went under the hood and added features to tag my photos by the camera data, so you can see all photos taken with my current camera, all photos taken with my favorite focal length lens, all photos taken at aperture f/11, etc.

If you are looking for something like this (or something completely different), I do custom web building as well. Well, I have to finish my own site for this but you can reach me in many places.

But I may be outside taking photos.

Wow, I just looked out my window, look at that light….

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