What a City

Inside the Photo

My friend GNA and I took a day trip to Toronto, and here wer found the water front view of the downtown from Toronto Island, an odd enclave almost within spitting distance of the busy city. Behind us are million dollar homes.

GNA is particular about her photo being taken, and usually I would ask first, but the moment seemed right as she was gazing at the city, and the angle here seemed like an anonymous type of image. I placed her on the 1/3 side line as well as putting the line of the water on a rule of thirds location.

In editing, the photo felt stronger as a black and white, and I modified it in Silver Efex Pro, with the pin-hole camera effect that adds even more to a gritty feel for the image. I might have preferred an angle that blocked out the CN tower, which unfortunately pokes out of her shoulder; I might have gone back and clone burshed it out to make for a cleaner shot

Oh, and she really liked the photo! You just have to go with your best judgement.

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